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Care Ventures CooperativeVision

Care Ventures will be successful in engaging in business initiatives that promote success for member facilities.  Care Ventures members will be recognized regionally as the premier providers of high quality nursing care and senior housing and services.  We will be viewed collectively by older adults, our employees, payors and vendors as a desired partner.

Core Values


  • The sharing of expertise, ideas and best practices based on trust and teamwork
  • Encouraging collaboration between member facilities in staff and customer recruitment
  • Acceptance of shared risk among member facilities
  • A commitment to support and participate in Care Ventures initiatives

Mutual Support

  • Building and maintaining positive and supportive relationships among member leaders and staff
  • Creating an environment of open support to colleagues in need of assistance or encouragement


  • Utilizing resources responsibly and wisely
  • Providing respectful and well managed use of all material and monetary resources
  • Recognize and promote the use of the significant pool of knowledge and experience already available within the Cooperative
  • Promoting the participation of all members in the Cooperative decision making

Ethical Practice

  • Maintaining respectful working relationships with each other and our business partners
  • Promoting open and fair decision making based on valid information


  • The pursuit of creative business solutions through diversification and collaboration